Enlightened Society

A show based on a rational approach to understand Consciousness, discover Reality, and experience Meaning. For the first time in history, humanity has the capacity to consciously chart its own evolution. With the help of our modern understanding, technology and connectivity, we can create an enlightened individual, community and world.

Portland and Beyond

Original content from our community and for it. The mission is to share ideas that enrich the human experience. To entertain and inform across disciplines.


Film Series

The films will range widely in scope, breadth and topics. But always related to the core mission NMP.


About the Founder


I am interested in storytelling in many forms. I find history and peoples stories facinating when told well. In that process I work as a writer, producer, researcher and commentator.

Academia: I studied Political Science at the University of California, San Diego.  I studied Media and Politics in Washington, DC as well as the History of the Middle East during research projects through the University of California. I also have other degrees in the Humanities and Physical Sciences.



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