Portland and Beyond - Episode 1 - Full Show Transcript - e01s01


Opener: Intro to show -

Welcome to the show. This show is about sharing knowledge and ideas, in many forms.

Show Themes

Focusing on the positive aspects of our world and highlighting solutions.

Real and Personal

The Spiritual and the profound

Current Events that Important in broader context

Community and culture

Discussion and Opinion

Entertainment that is valuable to humanity, including comedy and art in all its forms

Last but not least, History, especially those threads that are significant but not often discussed

 It will feature many topics, from issues related to the Northwest, to discussions of important global issues, to highlighting other peoples works, both past and present, and to also present my own original content, including a Film Series, all of which will be available on the website

This show is the fruition of a ton of learning about our world and the desire to discuss and share it. I spent much of my life reading and watching documentaries outside of academia, and after my formal education I realized how much valuable information exists, and especially the importance of how we think.

This show is meant to share as much of that with people as possible. For the people who will never have that opportunity, or for those who slept through there studies, or for those who have forgotten what they learned, or never bothered to learn in the first place.

The format of the show is currently about an hour a week, and around 5 segments per show. It will be availablein podcast form and on sites like youtube, where it will be divided into shorter segments..

If you like the content. Please consider following the channel, spreading it, and donating to support the project. What Im trying to do here is somewhat original, and will not likely make it on traditional media platforms, and with your support, we could have a bigger impact.


An Ode to Hero's


With that, I would like to end this introductory segment by paying homage to the giants upon whose shoulders I stand, and who significantly Influenced my life...its not an exhaustive list, but includes those most relevant to this show.

One of the most memorable chapters in any book that I have ever read is Marcus Aurelius opening to his Mediations where he takes time to honor all the people who influenced him. Here are as few lines...…

From my mother, piety and beneficence, and abstinence, not only from harmful deeds, but even from harmful thoughts; and further, simplicity in my way of living, far removed from the habits of the rich.

From Diognetus, not to busy myself about trifling things

From Fronto I learned to observe what envy, and duplicity, and hypocrisy are in a tyrant

And it goes on and on

In this spirit, I can think of know better way to begin this first episode to the show than by honoring the people who greatly influenced me, by saying one thing that I will always remember about them

Ill start with comedians, who are in my mind are the people who really able to expose reality, and do so in a humorous and cathartic way.

George Carlin- that we owe it to the world to call bullshit

Chris Rock - that comedy is political

Joe Rogan- that a powerful reality exists beyond the ordinary

Bill Hicks - that were all connected

Mark Twain - that writing is a necessity for people who care

Bill Maher- to find the pearl buried in the mud

And Russell Brand, that naked honesty is beautiful

Next group are the Spiritual and Ethical teachers, who taught how to live in the world, who tried to show how to make a life worth living

Joseph Campbell , that all mythologies say the same thing: the first step is the heros journey

Thich Nhat Hanh the Buddhist monk - that the present moment is a miracle

Jesus - that the kingdom is on earth, and men do not see it

Alan Watts - not to take existence too seriously

Steven Covey - for teaching me how create my reality

Terence McKenna - that entheogens exist to help humanity awake

Tenzin Gyatso or the Dalai Lama - that deep compassion is the ultimate sign of enlightenment

Werner Erhard - to create rather than follow

Siddhartha Gautama or the Buddha - for teaching us to wake up

And Wayne Dyer - don’t settle for a mundane existence

Next are the Writers, from literature to political commentators

Herman Melville - for teaching me the true art of writing

MLK - to give a voice to those who cant speak

Christopher Hitchens - that the people in charge have no idea what's going on

George Orwell - that writing about injustice is a duty

Victor Hugo - not to forget what happened in the past

Frederick Nietzsche - to push beyond the society that formed us

Henry David Thoreau - to simplify

Noam Chomsky - people yearn for the truth

Charles Dickens - that the pen is a mighty adversary

Bernie Sanders - the power of one candle in the dark

Cornel West - helping me to feelthe blues

And Ernest Hemmingway - the value of clean well-lighted place

Finally there is the modern media, from films, to shows, to current events

The great Monty Python - to laugh at the absurd

Howard Stern- to work hard for your passion

Charlie Chaplin - that we can build a better world, if we would only see our similarities

Coen brothers - the profound in a simple story

Jon Stewart- we can use the media against itself

Dan Carlin - that history is fascinating when told well

Quentin Tarantino - for showing me what master class filmmaking is

Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park- that Cartman exists in the world, and we can laugh about it

Neil degrasse Tyson - passion for our universe

Brian lamb at C-SPAN - that sunlight is the best disinfectant

Michael Moore - that documentaries can change the world

And David Attenborough the naturalist - that humans are just one of the fascinating living beings

Obviously, the list could go on and on, to mention artist, musicians, teachers, but this will give you an idea of the people that strongly influenced my life, and would surely make yours more complete

The overriding theme is that they used there life to stand for something, something bigger than themselves. And that alone is worth admiration




An End to Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 2016 - Part 1


The title of this series is an homage to Hunter Thompson.

I will do my part to carry on the flame that he passed down, to recognize and expose the moments of untainted reality.

And I will start now, with the this title... it is no longer fear and loathing, its an end to fear and loathing


In this introduction, I want to be unequivocally clear. I dislike both the republican and democratic party's very much.

Its unfortunate that the system is so corrupt that Bernie Sanders is forced to become a Democrat just for the possibility of getting elected, in the same way that Donald Trump is forced to become a republican.

Also, I want to say that I think that libertarians and progressives, for lack of better terms, have far more in common than they realize, and should focus on there similarities first, in order to restore the free and fair democratic process. Only after we have done that should we focus on the differences, at which point we can finally have an honest, vibrant and healthy policy debate



This series is a way for me to document and comment on a period of history that I find incredibly important.

My general philosophy, is that the answers are never black or white, but always both, on a spectrum rather than being binary.

So for example, the answer is not individualism or collectivism, its both, at the same time. We simply need to find the right balanceat each juncture.

Certainly, one is always a unique individual, within a family. Likewise, we have individual organs, that work together to make a whole person. Our cells are individuals that become a collection called an organ. We could go on and on, all the way down to atoms and particles, and all the way up to galaxies, super clusters and the universe. But you get the point.

One of our fundamental mistakes, is that our system of logic divides the world into factions, and while differentiation is vital, its not enough.

Its too small of a paradigm. We cant stop there. We must continue on to see where the poles of the spectrum arc back around and unite.


Part 1 - How did we get here?


First lets look at Barack Obama

Do you remember when Barack seamed like a pivotal candidate? Why was that?

He was so vague that people could easily project there own visions unto him, as if he was speaking directly to them

I thought back then during his campaign, a lot like I think most people thought, that the reason that he was so vague in his positions was because he would not get elected otherwise

and he probably wouldn’t have

But I don’t want to absolve myself of responsibility, and you shouldn’t either

Barack was precise enough of the time, to label him an establishment candidate

But of course, what were the alternatives?

We got excited because he was young black guy, who we thought understood us

He may have been the best of the candidates offered, but that’s not saying a whole lot.



So where do we go from here in 2016?

Bernie Sanders on the other hand, is a very special candidate that is almost unprecedented in American History.

Why? Because he's the only one that can actually be trusted, trusted to fix the fundamental problems that are eroding our democracy.

 Like campaign finance reform.  The cancer that is the DNC and RNC

He has a long track record of doing what he says, which is a great accomplishment alone

How many times did he stand alone in congress, fighting against wars, against the establishment, on behalf of the people, when nobody else would. That makes his candidacy unprecedented.

All people not born with a silver spoon in there mouths, should recognize this. Especially libertarians and progressives who don’t fit into the two party system.

In this first episode, Im going to skip a lengthy analysis of Bernie in order to first look at the broader picture. We will discuss him in more depth in future episodes. But I wanted to be clear about where I currently stand.

Before I move on, let me just address the elephant in the room. As a political scientist, I can safely say that as a whole, we know next to nothing about capitalism and socialism. To even say these words, as if they are only one thing, as if there are not many variations of each, and many overlapping variations at that, is to reduce the conversation into a false choice. I have read a ton of political theory, from Von Mises to Marx, Ayn Rand to Amrtya Sen and everything in between, and can assure you that this is another false dichotomy.

The main thing at issue, at its heart, is who gets the profits from our work.

Why this is important is because it has profound implications on the structure of society. On one end of the spectrum, profit it distributed equally, and on the other end of the spectrum it goes to the owner.

But this has never been the case and will never be. There are countless places in between, and in fact its not even a two dimensional model, nor even three dimensional, and if you add in the fourth dimension of time, you still haven't reached the end of the complexity. And we should embrace that.

Again, Its never the individual or the collective, its always both. And we must decide, at every stage and in every circumstance, of which their are countless, where the pendulum should be.



Part 2 - The Republican field of candidates

The republican field might be the most pathetic excuse for democratic representation that the American electorate has ever seen.

Clearly the republican party is at the end of its run. They are running on fumes at this point, and displaying erratic emotions that remind me of adolescence.

There top candidate is ridiculed across the world.

I think the only reason Trump has support is because of the lack of quality candidates. To his supporters, he is the best alternative.

The remaining candidates are bottom feeders who are committed to the remnants of the dying light. they are the last embers of the fire.

The republican party is split into at least three camps. They are made up of libertarians, capitalists and Christians. The specific mixture of these, has varied over the decades.

But the people themselves are slowly realizing that there differences are irreconcilable and they are fracturing.

One of the most obvious examples is there differing opinion of the security state. Some desperately want it and some are desperate to get rid of it.

Thus, they are tearing themselves apart. And this is the beginning of the end for them.



Part 3 - The Democrats

That said, the democratic party is not fairing much better.

Let me first ask the most obvious question. Why is Hillary Clinton here? Why is she even a nominee? And why does she even have enough support?

Im happy that there is female presidential contender, but that is not nearly enough.

I think its clear why she is here, and the reasons are not what her supporters think.

She is here because her spouse was the president, and that has afforded her all the connections and positions

Her position as first lady allowed her to become a senator and secretary of state. Such an obvious statement proves how corrupt our elections and government position are. And She uses these positions as her main reasons for her electability.

The truth is, she is in such a strong position because she had insider connections to successful electioneers and to official's who play the job swapping game. The truth is, DC is corrupt to the gills, its like a high school on the city level. They all know each other, and work together to both push each other forward and keep others out.

Examples abound, look at the first president Bush. His presidency did the same for his son as Bill Clinton is now doing for Hillary.

The second Bush would never have had the opportunity without his father.

Whats more, is we have yet another Bush running for president.

The corruption spreads far and wide into privates schools and universities and family dynasties and there networks.

'The first Bush didn’t even come from nowhere. His father was a wealthy business man and senator. Which put his son in the position to become the Vice president and CIA director.

So why is Clinton getting so many endorsements that would normally go straight to Bernie Sanders?

They know that if they don’t back Hillary, they wont get the special treatment. That’s the deal in our political system in case you didn’t know.

They also know that Bernie will listen to them regardless, because he is an honest man. So, the decision becomes relatively simple


This corruption leads me to the presidential candidacy of Lawrence Lessig.

He was running on a single issue ticket, that being getting big money out of the election system, because he argues that that corrupts every other issue and must be dealt with first and foremost. I was surprised not to see him on the main debate stages. To get on the stage, a candidate must jump through certain hoops, and it looks like he was systematically left out of national polls in order to not be qualified to debate.

 As Bernie Sanders says time and time again, the big moneyed interests control nearly everything, and I certainly do not put it past the relevant and interested parties.

Its not a new idea that the DNC and RNC try hard maintain the status quo, to keep third parties away and maintain control of the candidates. What else would one expect, the parties are little more than puppets of the moneyed interests. Or more accurate still, they are of the same class, and we are not in it.

That is of course how it has since we escaped the grasp of Kingdoms in the late middle ages.



Part 4 - The future

So whats in the future? Is there any hope?

I would like to begin with a Pessimistic View. Where we are headed if we don’t change course. But this is not inevitable. My view is that we can change the trajectory, if we would only decide to, individually and collectively. We can create the future that we imagine.

Lets begin by asking what could bring the masses of people together?

The pessimistic view is that only at the end will we see the light, just as its too late

It will be the destruction of the human species, not for one reason or another, but a toxic combination of all of them

At the moment before it all crumbles, we will realize that we they made a terrible mistake.

The ship will continue sailing on its present course, full speed ahead to the horizon, dragging the history of suffering in its wake

The world is headed towards a disaster that even Nostradamus could have predicted.

It is not likely to happen quickly though. It wont be a shooting star.

It will be a majestic downfall, like the slow motion withering away of an exotic species.

It will move slower than the Romans moved away from a republic.

The slow ride to ashes will be paved with the best intentions, and fueled by the suffering of the doomed.

This one is a slow burner. No wild roller coaster of a show, it wont end quickly, nor quietly

In this vision, I am only too Happy that those who fought valiantly against this demise will not be here to witness such an end.

Its sad of course, there was so much potential for this young species. But maybe that’s the way of things, of the cosmos. To crash just before the answer shows itself.

But maybe not. Maybe our species just likes a good game, one that comes down to the wire, and pulls out a victory in the end.


The Problem

The world has literally gone mad, and almost no one knows what to do, or even where to begin. So the plane has been goingdown for some time.

We don’t realize that we have missed a critical step. The first step. Which affects all the others. The solving of which, would lead to cascade of solutions.

There are really only three things to do in life

Wake up

Figure out whats going on in society

After that a third option arises: that you are in control of your destiny, that we are in control of our destiny. And then you get busy creating it.

But you cannot fake this. You will not know how to create your reality, if you do not get the first two right.

So, It would seem that this unveiling would be an exciting moment. This is true, but it will have to wait.

Unfortunately, its not that easy. There is a reason that most of us have not figured this out, or what it means.

Even though its obvious, in fact nothing could be more obvious.

We don’t see it in the same way that a fish does not see the water. That is until it sticks its head up out of the water, hense waking up

We are unable to see the problem. Therefore unable to discuss it. And thus unable to solve it


Optimistic View - Or the solution


The way we get out of this mess is by creating the optimistic reality. We create the solution.

As I said, there are only three things to do in life

Wake up

Figure out what's going on in society

Then, you create a new reality

What I mean by each of those things is extremely precise, very complicated, and difficult to grasp. So Im only going to briefly explain each of these. They deserve a much more thorough anaylsis that we will discuss later.

The first thing is to wake up.

Unfortunately, waking up is nearly impossible to grasp, but can be done.

Everyone thinks they know, because they understand the difference between the waking and dreaming world.

But that’s as far as most people get, an analogy

Waking up, is something very precise and concrete.

Nobody who actually wakes up disagrees about it. There is no need to debate, its perfectly obvious

Therefore if you feel the need to debate it, rest assured that's not it.

Waking up is practical realization on a spiritual dimension

One realizes that existence is not a game, it is beyond profound

One begins to stop looking outside oneself to leaders for the truth, you become a leader

The next thing to do is figure out what's going on in society

This is much easier, but also neverending, you simply reach a critical threshold

And this is also very much overlapping with the first stage, so your not starting over

The third stage is where it gets real, where everything matters

The great thing about this is its unmistakable, there are key signs that prove you are there, both to yourself, and others

This is what your life will consist of:

Its all hands on deck, because the ship is going down. All hands on deck means you

Your everyday life will prove that you know the truth

You will create your world. You will be the author of your life. Everything you do will matter.

You will do things like writing, making a website, make videos, whatever your unique talents are that relate to this realm

It is always positive, unifying, you are connected with everyone and everything, there is no longer an enemy

You will realize that the opinions you used to have are no longer important. You will create new opinions based on each new fact

You willcreate the solutions

Let me re-state these three stages succinctly, and purposefully.

You must embrace your divinity, you must realize that you are important, that what you do matters. And that the fate of the human species and the rest of life depends on people like you. We don’t have much time left. You must wake up to who you are and what society is,  and you must create, in whatever way you can.



The First Stage of Leadership - What is Missing



Leadership is an interesting topic, primarily because of how important it is and yet at the same time it is mainly dominated by peoplein business, government and religion

Both are often trying to get something from others, either money or followers

and also helping others to get these things

Leadership is not about management or business or religion at its foundation. Later it becomes useful in all areas which is why they focus on it for its practical powers

 So lets separate them completely right now, and leave them behind, our target is the root or base

At its foundation, leadership is much more valuable as a personal choice, as an existential act, and as a lifestyle, and this intrinsic quality is rarely noticed or discussed

This topic is important because

We need leaders now more than ever, and they are few and far between.

Mostly because so many have it backwards. The current leaders are not getting it right.

And the others don’t know that they are leaders

Whats worse, is many would say they certainly arent leaders due to the way that leadership currently operates.



What is missing, is the first stage of leadership

It forms the foundation For What it means to be a human being Including Personal growth, proactivity, connection, being centered in the universe.

At first, Leadership is fundamentally a connection between you and the universe.

And that idea raises all kinds of implications

Like whether you have a relationship to the universe, to your own existence, and if not, what that even means

It would be like trying to bake a cake without the ingredients, without a recipe for the amounts and stages, without the technology to bake it even if you did have these things

If you do have such a relationship, it means that its important to consider what you take away from it and what you give to it

That defines who you are, what all this is, and what is really worth doing

Thus, it matters how you define your relationship

The definition dramatically effects the equation.

If you have a banal definition of it, you may skip this step and move right into business, or government...and with this simple mistake, you can look out at the world, the world of politics, of business, of religion, and see why the world looks the way it does.

There's a book called Leadership BS or something like that, which strips the leadership genre of its platitudes and reveals an empty framework upon which the world operates

This relationship,  or lack thereof, effects all other stages of leadership tremendously.

In essence, our world in analogous to lab rats in a maze, desperate for the cheese, with tunnel vision, unable to stop what its doing, and look around at its true circumstance.

Like, why this maze? And why am I so desperate for cheese when Im already full. Or is there anything substantial at the end of the maze, that makes it worth spending an entire lifetime on

And Why are these other beings experimenting on me? Why am I allowing this?

Why doesn’t anybody else recognize the state of affairs?

Whats really going on here?

To get to the heart of the matter in a single sentence,  the maze and everything in it is inauthentic and corrupt to its core.


This is a major problem

Because people count on leaders to guide them forward.

Life is complex and peoples focus and skills are segmented. We don’t and cant know everything and thus we depend on others, and there expertise in other segments of society, to do there jobs well.

It is dangerous for the whole when one segment of our culture fails at its mission

And whats worse is that the leadership segment is a pivotal.

Leadership really matters for moving culture and humanity forward. They are the guides of humanity.

Whether spiritual, or academic, business, policy,

and everyone else that we depend on like parents

How does this leadership deficiency play out in everyday life?

It designs our society.

Think about All those jobs you have hated

That government that you distrust

The vacuum of authentic experience in the world

The massive suffering that exists, that we wall ourselves off from

It creates that society that you hate

It created you and everyone around you

In as much as it does work in its current form, the main beneficiaries are a very small population, and even in those circumstances, well being is fleeting, its momentary at best

And I recommend a healthy amount of weariness towards its boosters, of those who trumpet the maze

Of course its not only bad, we tend to get the bare essentials, just enough of that stuff that keeps us going, the cheese

What it doesn’t do is create an honest and open discourse among a well educated population who is happy and hopeful

It doesn’t Make you passionate to be alive

It doesn’t make you want to wake up to start a wonderful new day

You don’t say, Im going to make a difference today

And Im happy to be working along side the others around me who are also creating a better world


Leadership is something you create, something that you become, something that you are

First you do it for yourself

Its about taking a stand, choosing who you are, choosing what is valuable

And second Its about becoming a leader for others

not to create followers, but to evoke in them the same fire

And creating unique and self determined allies

The beauty is that you can do this and the world needs it.

In fact, we arent going to make it if you don’t take a stand

We need you to harness that passion that you feel every once in awhile, and make it stronger, more lasting, more impactful

We need you to harness the energy, that power

but we need you to know how to guide it, so it dosent overwhelm you

Many beings have suffered when there decisions are deficient of an authentic context

because they are missing a key ingredient


Who does the apply to? Who are the people that need to realize they are leaders?

First of all its everyone.

But its not that simple

Why, because everyone is on a very different trajectory in life

And it depends on what stage youre at.

Some people will remain in there current stage for the rest of there lives.

The stages have prerequisites that must be filled before advancing

People change at different speeds

And Each of The stages require different qualities


In Conclusion

An in depth inquiry and analysis is required here, but will have to be postponed

Unfortunately, we wont solve the problem here, but we did make a huge leap forward by simply recognizing the problem.

In short, the first step is to discover what stage youre at

 where you are on the spectrum

When you are at The last stage, youre ready for leadership

However, There are some clear road signs to guide you along the way

You recognize the profound in everything at any time

You embody proactivity

you feel an unquenchable yearning to contribute to your own well being and to society

And finally, the great thing is, that you wont need someone to tell you that you’ve made it




How to be Happy


The good news is that becoming happy can be easy

if you want to become happy,

if you know what to do,

and have the capacity.


The bad news is that its also easy to be unhappy

First, its impossible to always be happy, therefore being happy is something that must be recreated over and over

Second, often times our desire to be unhappy, outweighs our desire to be happy

Lastly, its hard to be happy if you don’t know what to do or have the capacity.


The format of this segment will be as follows

I will point out a few simple ideas

Then give you a task

And finally will share examples from my own life



Lets begin...Happiness and Unhappiness ….(repeat)

Can Both be evoked by you, especially if you are a professional in this realm

Can Both be imposed on you, especially if you are a novice

If you are happy, that is because you created it or it was created for you

If you are unhappy, that is because you created it or it was created for you

Therefore its vital to be aware, that you have the power to create your reality, but also you are at the whim of those around you


Lets break that down

Happiness and Unhappinesscan be evoked by you

So here is a task for you….

List the things that make you happy, make a list, where does happiness tend to happen for you

Now, go out of your way to spend time there

Happiness and unhappiness can be imposed on you

List the things that make you unhappy, and where unhappiness tends to happen to you

Now simply go out of your way not to spend time there

Here are some Considerations

The more detailed your list, the better.

Separate the list by what you can do by yourself

It May be Best to write on the computer, for easy editing - or it May be best to write on paper that you can keep in a helpful spot

This is not a one time thing, but a way of life

there is no such thing as being happy all the time, but there is such a thing as becoming happy almost anytime you choose to, and this ability grows with expereince

The last consideration, is that when you don’t choose your reality, the default or automatic you takes over, and its probably unhappy



Now I will illustrate this with some of my own examples

I will list what I can do own my own to make myself happy

Im happy when I am

Deep Relaxation, such as silent focused awareness - this simple ability is like plugging myself into a recharger, and the PowerStation is the universe

After exercise

Cooking or Eating quality food, especially a plant based diet, which is at least 50% of the solution to happiness

I will do an entire segment on this in the future

Wandering around in nature, whether it be a local trail, both in sunshine and rain, whatever

After accomplishing something meaningful

Consuming other peoples creations

like film, music, Comedy

I get Inspired

Creating original content

Writing, filmmaking, painting, music, anything creative that is for a valuable purpose

Helping People (when they need it)

Feel empathy


Forget about myself

Harmonious conversations

When others are genuinely happy

Something as simply as being relieved, like becoming warm after being cold

Im unhappy when I am

Default personality, the auto response

Am not motivated

In environments that are loud or banal

When I read negative news

Too busy or overwhelmed

Feel fear or am tense

Feel hopeless

When I feel exploited

When I see others suffer


My examples are not good or bad. I list them in case they are helpful. Create a list that works for you. Revisit it when necessary.



Finally, I will share with you what an average day is for me...so that you see how real and honest I am with myself, so you don’t walk away with any illusions about the process of becoming happy


I wake up every morning at my default position and have to recreate a day that is valuable by the end of it

On some level, lethargic, stressed, disconnected, unhappy. And everyday I have to fight through that to achieve anything. Some days I succeed more than others.

On the days that Im successful, I feel that life is profound, and that we can help each other to see that, to live that.

And on those days that Im less successful,  the old familiar friend, the automatic or default me is ther to welcome me home

This isnt the exception, it’s the rule. This is what happens to everyone who yearns to understand and navigate through reality. Being successful requires knowing both the positive and the negative, and that the positive does not cancel out the negative forever

Nothing is constant, not enlightenment, not happiness, not success, not fulfillment, it must be regenerated daily

Its never once and forget it, just successful moments, recurring over and over

Everyday, Over and over and over. Its always groundhog day.

Everyday, I forget much of what I learned before.

However, the trajectory does narrow in closer and closer to my target

Its always the most difficult in the beginning, and becomes less difficult with improvement


Finally, remember that

Remember that our struggle is the worlds struggle, and the worlds struggle is ours. We are tied together

Constantly remember, that they need you, just like you need them


Spotlight on the Past and Present,


On this segment, I share with you people that I enjoy

and we listen to short clips of them really getting to the heart of the matter on some relevant subject

I will expose you to all kinds of people and topics, from literature to comedy, history to music, philosophy, politics, science and personal growth

to name a few


On this first edition of Spotlight on the Past and Present, and in this first episode of Portland and Beyond

we have some great clips of people who are speaking at the top of there game

who are making an impact on society. 

All of todays clips come from the current new media world.


First up is

Joe Rogan from the Joe Rogan Experience

Wow, Joe Rogan laying it down, such a great clip...he was talking to Michael Wood a former cop, and that was a great interview

Next up is Ralph Smart from Infinite Waters

Followed by

Ralph Smart from Infinite Waters

He has great outlook on life and is constantly spreading that message

Finally we have Jason Silva from Shots of Awe

And the last clip is

Jason Silva from Shots of Awe

And what a great way to end this segment of Spotlight on the Past and Present

with many people talking about the possibilities that await each of us

if we can only unhinge ourselves from the rigid past



Evolution of Civilization Part 1 - Our Existence and our Story




Welcome to a new series called Evolution of Civilization

This history series is designed to introduce profound topics that shaped our lives and our civilization. Its an overview of topics without getting lost in too many details or academic debates. The hope is that you gain a broader perspective of your place in the world and a more intimate connection with the arcs and themes, context and considerations, ideas and decisions shaped it.

Its about telling our collective story in an unfamiliar way

hopefully offering insights and perspectives that may add to the understanding of ourselves.


The first three episodes were created to set the stage and give some context to the main series.

This first episode will focuses on the profoundness of our existence as the foundation.

This most obvious phenomenon is ironically often overlooked and acknowledging our existence is a meaningful place to start our real human story.

The second episode will set sail into the cosmos to view the highlights of our elemental past. From the beginning of time, as we currently know it, to the origin of the earth.

In the third episode we'll travel though our human past to arrive at the dawn of civilization.

From there we will begin our primary task of walking along the path of the monuments created during the evolution of our civilization. We will look at thing like the history of language and the Origin of cities for example.

So first things first, lets begin again, at the beginning


Body - Existence

When telling a story, we usually BEGIN AT THE BEGINNING. But this story, has a completely different kind of beginning than all others. In the story of us, we must first talk about existence. Which means that we start with our very being right here and now. We don’t begin this story with thoughts, we begin with our being. With our senses. The fact that we are listening to this, the fact that we are even hear to listen to this.

And our existence is not a mundane , despite how it often appears. The mundane is meaningless in the face of existence. Its the deepest of all things. And that requires a different beginning than a bedtime story.

Here we are, in existence. Right now is a miracle.

Its strange that we never talk about existence. Just the plain fact that we exist, nothing more.

The most fundamental thing of all, is almost never talked about. Similar to death. Perhaps these things are too real for most us...perhaps they are too deep and important to be left to casual conversation.

Doesn’t it strike you as odd that were here?

That there is this voice, you listening, we're on this gigantic rock, that’s spinning around a giant fireball, one of billions, making up our galaxy, and countless other galaxies.

That there is life, out of the infinity of space and time...here we are, now

And that this voice, and yours, and all the others, are the expression of that universe, unfolding continually.

What a miracle existence is

The subject rarely comes up, and if it does its normally funneled into questions like "why are we here," or "what does it mean" or "what is our purpose" and other existential questions which are great but are really a side note to the simple fact of existence

Existence…that which is occurring right now, and keeps occurring…

Out of nowhere here we are. Quite miraculous when you think about it.

But, If existence is so profound, why does it often seem so ordinary?

I think Existence is a miracle. Existing on the other hand is rarely that for most people. Certainly the fact that life survives by consuming itself is not the best way to exist. But..

It’s a miracle for us to experience existence. And Especially now that we understand the world so well. Our Knowledge of it is unprecedented in all of history, and probably in all of time and space. So its always great to retell our story.

Everything that exists, including you and me, right now, is an expression of the universe itself. We are a way for the universe to know itself. We are the universe.  And we have haven woken up to ourselves.

As the universe, we see ourselves when we look out...Quite a profound and humbling notion.

To be connected to everything, to be everything, across space and time, all at once.

We keep popping into existence in different forms. Always our self, the one universe, just varieties of it.

One of these forms have developed over countless generations, to learn and understand what has happened. And occasionally we look back at ourselves in awe.

All other animals, oblivious to such knowledge...engaged in a hostile world without such understanding.

What's more is that they exist in a world where Life survives by killing, and there's no way out...

the greatest of all horrors is occurring for most living beings.


Since this fundamental acknowledgement of our selves is so rare, it seams that we have gotten ahead of ourselves in our daily lives. As if the train showed up when we were born, and we got on without question. And now we are going full speed ahead in a direction that we barely understand or control.

For good reason of course, that being daily living is demanding. The process of becoming civilized in a world spinning out of control since the beginning of time is not easily reconciled.

Our civilization has been in damage control since the beginning.

Our first task then, is to be aware of our existence in an authentic way.

First simply to notice it, and then to keep noticing it. To develop an awe for it. to remember it. And finally to share it.

Once we have collectively recognized the profoundness of our existence, then we will be better positioned for learning how to live in the world.

We can we appreciate our existence by spending time in reflection, mindful of our situation.

Beyond that, we can tell stories about it, about ourselves...where we have come from and where we are going, a practice going back to our origins.

What's new in our modern world, is the bountiful knowledge that informs our stories. That’s what this series is all about.


Our Story - so now on to our story


The types of stories that will be covered here are very familiar to us, yet at the same time largely unknown in any concrete form

For example, more than half the people on earth now live in cities, including most of you, and that may be the only place you have ever lived, but this is altogether new for humans...so where did the cities come from? When did they originate and why? That’s a topic for a future episode

Furthermore, We think of history in far too abstract of terms. As if it all happened so long ago and therefore largely alien to us.

 A reflection of our education system in part.

But also due to humanity's historic lack of knowledge. Only in the past few hundred years have we compiled all this data, and only now are we sifting through it and putting it all together.

With this new information we can see how recent history really is. That all these things just happened.

By picking the right moments, ideas and connections, largely unknowable until our modern age, we can revitalize our real and interesting heritage. 

At times in the past, we could also do this, but only a select number of people, and about very select topics, without ways to share it, and in a palatable way for a general audience.

In our modern world, what is significant is being able to see all of it at once, and picking the right things to focus on.


We will look at topics as if time is occurring very fast. And the noteworthy events are not always what we would assume. We will grab certain aspects from the timeline that show us patterns that couldn’t be seen otherwise.

Our new knowledge allows us to create new threads that connect us to so many ideas.

By looking at the history of language for example, we can see new cultures emerge and we can see where they spread and what they brought with them.

We will shrink the historic timeline to make long ago events, seam modern and relevant.

even going back 10K years, people are much the same as now, with similar feeling, desires, wishes, needs, and urges.

The main differences are what we have around us and what we do with these things. In many ways, that’s not much of a difference. 

What we wear changes, but not whether we have clothes.

Where we live changes, but not the existence of communities.

All the things that we don’t notice because they are so obvious and plentiful, just started recently. Nearly all that we know is from the past 10k years. A blink of an eye in the history of the cosmos, the earth, and life.

Going back 10K years...

We just began to produce metals

We just developed agriculture

We just learned to really navigate by the stars

Humanity just started cities

they just started language, writing and reading, and schools

Likewise, we just started things like war, wars only started recently, are not inevitable

In the past few hundred years...

we just discovered the micro world of germs and atoms and macro world of space

we just discovered our heritage, both human and animal

We just created democracies across the globe

Most of us just moved from rural spaces into cities.

We just only just begun to explore space


What this is not - now id like to move on to what this series is not

This is different from a history class because its narrowly focused on select topics, which are also largely unknown but very fascinating and relevant

This is not a detailed or thorough account, that is reserved for academics and people wanting long expositions in book form.

Every single sentence can be taken apart and questioned, analyzed and studied by academics who can find more detail, and add clarification. I can even find issues with anything covered if given enough time.

That said, the topics are thoroughly researched from academic sources.


End on Positive Note - so in closing

The world is so filled with info that its daunting and overwhelming. In fact its impossible to take it all in. what happens then is that we don’t learn the truly significant events and we collectively forget. In there place we learn what the controlling interests around us want...like parents, popular society and government alike.

What is helpful is standing back and looking at our heritage in a new way. It can give us context to show us who we truly are, which is much greater than we thought. It guides us forward, where we had not seen a path.

Its important to tell a new human story. One that contains our significant events, beyond the events that we learned in school and by authority. The ones that made us a truly human. The ones that happened over generations, too long to tell without our modern knowledge. The ones that happened over great spaces, too large to comprehend until now. The ones that were created by the common people, those who built our world, those who suffered from lack of understanding of it

It is relatively recent they we compiled this story to tell. We lacked the macro view. And now we are in the early stages of retelling our story, and our history well.

To borrow a line...My hope is that after our exploration, we arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time.