An Ode to the Night

We are blinded by the light. Deceived by the radiant energy of the sun.

We are lost in daylight. Which hides the infinite-eternal cosmic night.

Our eyes overwhelmed by immeasurable visions on earth. Spellbound by the spectrum of the rainbow.

We spend most of our waking life under watch of the great golden eye, hidden inside this illuminated canopy, bound within a city, and history that masks our minds from the authentic universe.

And as we sleep, we dream under the revealed spectacle above.

Darkness is the baseline reality, not daytime.

The universe is night, and only in transit do elements alight.

It began in darkness. From the unbroken field came the quantum soup of dimensions, forces, and wave-packets. A web of dark energy.

Then the entire universe briefly glowed pure white, as light particles spread out over space without resistance. And returned to cool darkness again when the first atoms formed, leaving behind the cosmic background radiation in its wake.

Stars lit up the universe, allowing the visual field to evolve. And as they exploded, newly formed atoms scattered into the cosmic wind.

Soon to become the complex building blocks that comprises everything that we know, and see, and feel, and are, right now.

We are attached like magnets to this living rock, sailing around one fireball among trillions across the universe.

Everything and everybody composed of energy in many forms and patterns, on multiple levels.

This energy has a mysterious ability to store information within its own processes.

From atoms come molecules, then cells and organs, and then beings like us.

We have the fortune to experience and explore this miracle for a hundred orbits, before transforming back whence we came.

We are stardust, a way for the universe to know itself.

When we look up at the night sky, we are looking back at ourselves. It is awe-inspiring and mysterious.

We have not truly lived a complete life without going into the black void and gazing in awe at our galaxy.

You realize oh! Thats whats really going on.

Our sun is a grain of sand, at anchor on a luminous island, adrift in the cosmic sea.

We are on a spinning marble that comes to life each time we pass through a sunbeam, and returns to the unconscious living dead when we traverse out of it.

The stars guided our ancestors on so many journeys. Across vast territories and impenetrable seas. To new places, and new realities.

As we explored our conscious dimensions. And manifested our hopes and dreams

We modern human citizens have fled the ancient countryside for greener pastures.

Now the night-sky is a mysterious stranger to us. The thousand points of light can be counted on our hands. A crime against humanity's right to the night

Without the night we are lost in our minds. Lost in the fragments of our filtered compositions. Without sight of our galaxy, we lose connection to the true context of our situation.

With the return of spring, and retreat of stormy sky's, let us vow to redouble our efforts to escape this pin, if only for a brief moment, and return to the natural darkness of the woods, and mountains, and lakes.

In this quiet solitude awaits the countless stars that birthed us, and now watch over us from the grand milky way.

Perhaps after our many long partings, when we return, schooled with our new knowledge, our departure from the garden will have not been in vane.

But instead be redeemed, and we may know the place for the first time.