Why Bernie Sanders wont support a Third Party. Or, A New Hope.

Bernie Sanders will not run as a Third Party Candidate or publically back one, for One Reason above all others.

The reason is that the Presidential Candidate with the most votes must gain 270 Electoral Votes on election night in November 2016.

If no candidate reaches 270 Electoral Votes, the U.S. House of Representatives will decide who the next President will be. An unnerving thought.

As stated on Bernie's website, "In the rare instance that no presidential ticket wins at least 270 electoral votes, then the new president is chosen by a popular vote in the House of Representatives, and the new vice president is chosen by a popular vote in the Senate."

Bernie is thinking of the good of the country. Unfortunately, this is standard Bernie politics, to sacrifice himself for the good of others and to let modesty get the better of him. The most blatant example is when he had the ultimate trump card to win the South and the African American vote during the Democratic Primary by getting arrested at a Civil Rights protest in his youth for fair-housing practices at the University of Chicago, yet he hardly even mentioned it.

There is even historic footage of the event, but it was hardly publicized or noticed by the media. If that had spread throughout the South, he would have been viewed on par with M.L.K., John Lewis, or Jesse Jackson.

However, there is still Hope for an Alternative to Trump and Clinton.

With the right policy proposals and a superb delivery of the message, there are enough voters in the United States to change the course of this election and US political History.

Jill Stein has just such a plan.

Her plan is to get 42million US voters with student debt to vote for her, because she will cancel their student loan debt.

Why do that and how? Because college education should cost the same as high school education, in other words nothing. It should be free to the students, and the tab picked up by the general public. College as a Right is the most important issue of the 21st century. Not just to find a skilled job, but more importantly to be knowledgeable about how the world works, to have the preparation and opportunity to create a unique and valuable role in the world. How will she do this? The same way the bankers were bailed out in 2008 and the Iraq War was funded in 2003, the Federal Reserve.

This message, if spread far and wide, could galvanize a Critical-Mass to turn out in November.

What's even better about such a possibility is her broader policy platform. She supports everything that Bernie Sanders supports and more. She is even more aligned to the base of the progressive Democratic Party than Bernie. She wants free college in addition to forgiveness of old Student Debt, Universal Healthcare, Marijuana Legalization, new Voting Rights, new Jobs Programs, Science and Ethics based Policies, Racial and Social Justice, end to militarism, she will even pardon Edward Snowden, and the list goes on and on.

Perhaps the most significant thing is the combination of all these policies mixed with one more important element, she is a Woman. Not just a Woman, but a doctor no less.

She could easily pull the female vote from Clinton and Trump with her policies and pleasant disposition. The fact that she is a female, and one that Bernie supporter’s Adore, is perhaps the most understated element in the entire campaign right now.

And she doesn’t even need all 42 million voters to come on board at once. She just needs 15% in three polls to make the Presidential debates. From that point on, She could garner enough excitement and publicity to move to the next stage, of gradually increasing her polling numbers.

At the very least, she will force Clinton closer to the base of the progressive movement. If the October polling indicated that Jill Stein clearly could not win, she could just shift her support to Clinton after making the necessary case. A Win-Win for Progressives.


-Jeremy Rytes